Barrera Indiangrass Wildlife Sanctuary Monthly Workday

Sunday, October 18th, 2020 from 9:00am to 12:00pm (CT)


It's been a long summer, but after many months of discussion, planning, and preparation, Park Rangers and the Native Prairies Society of Texas will be holding our monthly volunteer workday at Louis Rene Barrera Indiangrass Wildlife Sanctuary!

Attendance is strictly limited to eight participants due to restrictions on gatherings in City parks and preserves. Additionally, attendees are expected to wear masks for the duration of the event (except to drink water) and practice physical distancing to ensure the safety of all staff and participants. Participants are encouraged to bring their own work gloves, and are advised that water and snacks will not be provided. Please also read the full rules for attendance below!

This month we will likely be collecting native grass and forb seed for re-use at Indiangrass and other preserves, as well as monitoring seed ripeness. However, this may change depending on attendance and weather. Thank you for staying adaptable!

A map of the main gate of the preserve is below:

Please use this link as Google Maps has trouble giving directions to the preserve as listed! Be prepared to walk up to two miles and dress for the weather -- which at this time of year could be pretty much anything.

If you have any questions, please email Park Ranger Owen Moorhead at Thank you for your support!
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Requirement Details
By registering for this event, you are agreeing to observe to the following rules during the event to help ensure your safety, and the safety of the project leads, city staff, and other participants. If you feel like you can not follow these guidelines, we hope you will join us in future events when these restrictions are lifted.
    1. No Walk-ups will be allowed. Must register electronically prior to event.
    2. Masks are required to be worn over mouth and nose, for the entire event.
    3. Social distancing of 6+ ft. is required during event.
    4. Event will be limited to 10 or less people, including all staff, leads, and volunteers.
    5. If you are not willing to adhere to these rules, you will be asked to leave
    6. If you are immunocompromised or at risk, you should consider staying home
    7. If you have tested positive, been exposed, or a healthcare provider has placed you under quarantine, you should not attend the event
    8. If you do not feel well, have a temperature, or any other symptom, you should not attend the event.
    9. Water and Snacks will not be provided, please bring your own and do not share at event
    10. Tools and equipment will be limited. If possible, please bring your own work gloves and hand sanitizer.
    11. Once provided a tool, do not share with any other participant.
    12. If you have longer hair, you should wear it up, to help decrease the amount you touch your face.
    13. We ask you don’t use your phone during the event, however, if you must, you should wash or sanitize your hand prior to use, and after use.
    14. When you get home, you should wash your clothes immediately.
    15. Wash and/or sanitize often throughout event:
  • Before leaving home or residence
  • Upon arrival to worksite (when possible) 
  • Every 3 hours while at worksite
  • Before/after eating or going to the bathroom
  • Immediately following any breach in social distancing OR contact with a surface that may have been contaminated
  • Prior to departure from worksite
  • Upon arrival to home or residence

Wondering if you should register to volunteer? Based on the CDC guidelines, we are asking you the following questions:
  1. Have you been exposed to someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19? See the CDC’s risk assessment guidance.

  2. Do you have symptoms consistent with COVID-19? Symptoms can include a cough or shortness of breath or at least two of the following: Fever, Chills, Repeated shaking with chills, Muscle pain, Headache, Sore throat, New loss of taste or smell. See the CDC’s symptom information.

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, we ask you not to register. We are doing all we can to align with best practices and keep our community healthy.
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