Turner Roberts Recreation Center


Turner-Roberts Recreation Center is an 18,700 square-foot facility that includes the 7,700 square-foot Danny L. Thomas Sr. gymnasium, offices, locker rooms, a multi-purpose room, an arts and crafts room, a weight room, a computer room, a kitchen facility and a corridor art gallery. In 2011, a stand-alone building containing a gymnasium and a state of the art kitchen was added to the park.

The original funding for the Turner-Roberts Recreation Center was made possible by the 1998 City of Austin Bond Initiative which was approved by the voters of Austin. The Turner-Roberts Recreation Center offers recreational and leisure opportunities for Northeast area residents.  Programs include: cultural arts, sports, community/family events, life skills, recreation leagues and numerous classes. Inclusive programs for youth with special needs are also offered.

The Turner-Roberts Recreation Center has an environmentally friendly trait that features renewable building materials, energy-efficient heating, and a northern and southern exposure building orientation to maximize energy savings.

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