Zero Waste Hero


UT Austin's Zero Waste Hero Certification is a self-paced certification program on Canvas that provides a unique opportunity for current UT students to prepare to be role models for others and learn more about zero waste on campus. Students will learn about a variety of zero waste topics at their own pace, including recycling, reducing food waste, composting, and more. This knowledge is then reinforced through individual practice opportunities and UT Action Hours. This free certification is co-managed by Resource Recovery and University Housing and Dining with developmental funding from Green Fund. 

What is Zero Waste? 

Zero Waste is UT-Austin's goal to reduce what we send to the landfill by 90%. Opportunities to reduce landfill trash can come, for example, from reducing the amount of disposable products purchased or diverting materials to the recycling or composting facility instead. With a population of nearly 70,000, UT needs YOU to be a Zero Waste Hero!

Sustainable Development Goals
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