Little Herds



Founded in 2013 in Austin, TX as an educational charitable 501c3 nonprofit, our Mission Statement pre-pandemic was: Little Herds educates and empowers communities, both locally and globally, to support and promote the use of insects for food and feed as an environmentally sound and economically viable source of nutrition. Since the Covid19 emergency of 2020, Little Herds has shifted focus from helping people eat insects, to just helping people eat. With food insecurity at all time highs in our community, Little Herds co-organized and implemented the Keep Austin Together initiative, providing prepared meals for people in our community who are food insecure and unable to prepare their own meals, whether through lack of access to facilities or lack of ability. Little Herds is currently co-organizing additional initiatives to provide meals to students and seniors in the Austin and Travis County area.
Sustainable Development Goals
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