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The Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin is a top ranked epicenter of engineering education, and knowledge creation and distribution. Comprised of renowned educators, researchers and thought leaders, the Cockrell School addresses the grand challenges of the world, drives economic progress and improves quality of life.

With nine internationally recognized undergraduate programs and thirteen acclaimed graduate degree programs, the Cockrell School propels research and innovation, develops transformative technologies and cultivates solutions to advance society.

Situated in the heart of Austin, Texas, the Cockrell School directly benefits from being located in one of the most rapidly growing innovative technology hubs in the country. In 2010, Forbes attributed the Cockrell School as one of two "secret weapons" in ranking Austin the second most innovative city in the country. Companies such as Dell, National Instruments, IBM, Freescale Semiconductor and others recruit the intellectual capital produced at the Cockrell School.

Notable alumni around the world inspire prestige and pride in the Cockrell School, building life-long relationships with the school and the university. Their loyalty is demonstrated through leadership on departmental advisory councils, and their generosity ensures the educational momentum of our students and faculty through scholarships, fellowships and endowments.

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Hello, I am the Director of Communications with the Austin Community Corps of Engineers, which is a student-lead organization at Austin Community College. We will be having an event on October 24th, 2018 from 12 PM - 3 PM called ,“Design, Invent, & Build," which is for engineering students at Austin Community College to explore the different branches and careers within engineering.

I would like to have your organization or a representative / officer from your organization to speak to students who are interested in transferring to The University of Texas at Austin or any 4-year university and to tell them about your careers, what they entail, what opportunities are available to them, and what steps they can take to pursue a successful career(s) as an engineer.

Event Description:

This event offers a chance for Austin Community College engineering students to learn more about the clubs within ACC and organizations in Austin, Texas that offer volunteer and job opportunities for them. Engineering students need access to these types of events, not only to cultivate themselves as engineers, but to develop imperative skills and to build their network for the future.
Grant: I'm responding on behalf of all the UT engineering groups that you posted the request/comment on as the response is similar. You had also reached out to Engineering Student Services in the Cockrell School and they should be responding to your request. Since the transfer student process happens through admissions at UT Austin, our engineering advisors and staff would not be the best people to share about next steps. Again, Engineering Student Services should be responding to your emailed request. — Tricia Berry Tricia Berry on October 14, 2018
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Hello! Skillpoint Alliance has a great volunteer opportunity with our Robotics competitions! To learn more info and register, please follow the link below, or messag me directly if you have any questions!