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Thanks for checking out the Austin Public Library.  Learn more about our volunteer opportunities and our application process or at contact us directly at 512-974-7443 or 


Update: In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Austin Public Library has put a hold on the adult volunteer program. The library will not be able to accept new volunteer applications until volunteer activities have resumed.

Austin Public Library currently offers a Spring and Fall virtual youth volunteer program. Spring 2021 applications will be posted on December 1st and are due by Decemeber 31st at 5pm on the Library's website.

Volunteers are an integral part of our team and donated over 19, 600 hours last year to help connect the community to our library programs and services. APL strives to provide a dynamic volunteer program with engaging and enriching experiences that strengthen and support our mission.
Sustainable Development Goals
693 People | 3,949 Impacts | 87,804 Hours | 2,025,648 Total Economic Impact

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