Iris Society of Austin


Horticulture club to promote growing and appreciation of iris plants and culture.

The Iris Society of Austin is an affiliate of the American Iris Society and one of the fourteen Iris Societies in Region 17, which comprises all of Texas.

The New Braunfels Iris Society acted as a sponsor and aided in the organization of the Iris Society of Austin. The first meeting was held on July 18, 1983. Several New Braunfels Iris Society members met with a small group of eight people who had an interest in growing irises. Most were experts in some category of plant culture, but all were novices when it came to Iris culture.

The Iris Society of Austin members are a caring and sharing group. We have introduced Irises to our Austin neighbors through public plantings. We sponsor an AIS (American Iris Society)-sanctioned Iris Show in April and hold a rhizome sale in September.

It is our hope and plan to continue these types of activities and that more people will become interested in the growing of Irises.

Sustainable Development Goals
1 Person | 2 Impacts | 9 Hours

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