Keep Walnut Creek Wild



Invasive trees, especially chinaberry and ligustrum, are choking native plants out of the greenspaces of Central Texas. As they do, we lose the benefits that a natural ecosystem provides:
  • Slowing and filtering runoff.
  • Cleaner creeks that flow longer after each rain.
  • A wide variety of food sources and nesting sites for native birds.
  • Better experiences for people who enjoy the green spaces of our community.
But the good news is that we can make a difference—and, starting in Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park, we are.
We have assessed the state of the watershed of Tar Branch, a small tributary of Walnut Creek. Based on that assessment, we have drafted a restoration plan. Our plan has been approved by the Austin Parks and Recreation Department and the Austin Watershed Protection Division. With this plan approved, we can carry out projects consistently—projects to remove invasive plants, plant native plants, slow erosion, restore natural beauty, and encourage others to care for the parks, preserves, and greenbelts they enjoy.
We started as a meetup group, which we formed to make it easier to plan and carry out our projects. Join us, and help make the Walnut Creek watershed the crown jewel of North and East Austin!
473 People | 407 Impacts | 2,537 Hours

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