Fredericksburg SPCA

Sarah Appleby
Debra Fair

Today I helped in the kitchen, washing, drying and putting away dishes. I also worked in the laundry room, washing, drying and putting away laundry. I helped the Marines today find a mop, mop bucket and other cleaning items. One of the trash cans in the laundry room needed to be cleaned out, I took it outside and cleaned the trash can. I helped another volunteer take out the 2 red bins of trash to the dumpster. I also checked the dogs in t-kennels making sure they had water and I cleaned any dirty kennels. Good day today!

Gave 6.25 hours on 06/11/2021
Tracy Glock

Everyone was very nice and inviting. We are excited to get started. Very impressed with operations.

Gave 1.00 hour on 06/11/2021
Alyssa Shoffner
Rachel Porchie
Talia Osinga
Audrey Hanger
Debra Fair

I drove the Staunton Transport run this Wednesday. I brought back 5 dogs, 1 cat and 10 kittens. When I got back I helped bring the animals inside the building. I then took all of the dirty animal crates outside and cleaned them with the Rescue disinfectant, I also deep cleaned the van. Good day today bringing back some beautiful dogs and cats!

Gave 7.50 hours on 06/08/2021