Fredericksburg SPCA

Debra Fair

I worked in the kitchen and laundry room. I also helped load up the vans for ARF for Saturday. SPCA was busy today I met some other great volunteers!

Gave 2.45 hours on 11/05/2020
Chrystal Kreft
Debra Fair

Carrie Snyder and I went to the storage unit to pick up tables and chairs for ARF. In the afternoon I picked up Jem form doggie day care. When I came back to the SPCA I walked Tucker and Remi. I also helped feed the cats.

Gave 1.75 hours on 11/02/2020
Debra Fair

I worked in the kitchen, where I washed, dried and put away dishes. I worked in the laundry room where I washed, dried, folded and put away clean laundry. Christine and I took out some dogs today, Danny and Ketchup, Joseph and Jem. I also took green dogs out, Tucker, Sophie, Leo. Today was a great day!

Gave 6.25 hours on 11/01/2020