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Cesar Manzanares

Cesar @ University Residence Hall Association

I enjoyed helping incoming students move into their new dorms. I helped people unload their cars, carry their stuff to their dorms, and I guided people to their desired destinations. In addition, I helped UTPD in signaling cars where to go and help pedestrians cross the street.

Gave 6.00 hours on 08/20/2016 with ULN '19
Project 2016 Follow Up: City Walk

I had a good time helping Dobie Middle School spread the word about their awesome programs and events. I was in charge of going into an area of the community near the school and distribute flyers about the school, along with other volunteers. I really like the passion the staff members express for the families of their students.

Gave 4.00 hours on 04/02/2016 with ULN '19
Cesar Manzanares


I am proud to have participated in the making and distribution of motivational notes for students here at The University of Texas. It made me happy to bring smiles to the faces of many students, and the connection I felt with each of them as they thanked me for the inspirational notes. The notes were suppose to make each individual special and motivate them to keep working hard for finals. Overall I had a great experience with my small group.

Gave 2.00 hours on 03/31/2016 with ULN '19
Texas Baseball Gameday Sustainability Event 3/26

I was glad to help inform others about the zero waste program with the Sustainability Squad.

Gave 3.00 hours on 03/26/2016 with ULN '19, University Leadership Network
Texas Baseball Gameday Sustainability Event 3/5

It was a pretty nice day and had fun organizing the compost and Recycle bins. I liked the fact that the groups were able to rotate stations. Thanks for the opportunity on doing something good for the community and the environment.

Gave 3.00 hours on 03/05/2016 with ULN '19, The University of Texas at Austin, University Leadership Network
ULN Food Drive (Winners)

It was an awesome feeling to give to others, because it makes those receiving, happy.

Gave 1.00 hour on 12/10/2015 with ULN '19
Texas Football Gameday Sustainability Squad 10/24

Even though it was a rainy day the experience was great. It was great interacting with the fans and my peers in the Sustainability Squad. My favorite part was seeing how much of a change it makes to dispose of recyclable items where they belong and not just toss them in the compost bin.

Gave 5.00 hours on 10/24/2015 with ULN '19, 62710, The University of Texas at Austin, UGS 303: Race in the Age of Obama (Fall 2015), University Leadership Network
Travis Heights Elementary School Fall Carnival 2015

It was great seeing so many children with great Halloween spirits. The involvement of the parents in their kids lives shows me a beautiful thing about this world; love. I was lucky to have participated in signing up students for the Halloween theme costume contest. Also, I met another fellow ULN student at the event, and I now have a friendship added to my list; it was great working together. My favorite part of the afternoon was observing the smiles of every student.

Gave 4.00 hours on 10/23/2015 with ULN '19, 62710, The University of Texas at Austin, UGS 303: Race in the Age of Obama (Fall 2015), University Leadership Network