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This Impact is private

Austin Animal Center
Austin Animal Center

walked as many as I could. Got pooped out and had to go home: Bitsy, Hester, Layla,Pebbles, Hartke?(male 442)

Gave 3.20 hours on 05/12/2017
Austin Animal Center

Walked Gullah, so shy, so frightened. Persephone - another frightened lady, but seemingly less emotionally shut down than Gullah. I also walked Spock. He has a great adventurous attitude!
Love those babies.

Gave 1.50 hours on 05/09/2017
Austin Animal Center

I feel so bad that some of the dogs first walks are when I get to them. today, Colton didn't get walked for his frist time until 11:20. Wish there were more volunteers.

Gave 2.50 hours on 04/27/2017
Austin Animal Center
Austin Animal Center

I was there from 8:35am -10:50. i didn't go into the volunteer office because i had it in my mind that the lobby was locked. It probably wasn't but I didn't really realize that til after I left. I walked Cruz in 305; Norton 311, Sully in 317 and tequila in 323?
Cruz's leash broke out in the green belt. Fortunately, he doesn't move fast so I was able to get him. A dog was got loose on the property near the 300 building. I assisted some one that was able to get ahold of the dog and brought her a leash. Fortunately, another pretty chill dog. Fun Day though since everything worked out without incident!

Gave 2.30 hours on 04/21/2017
Austin Animal Center
Austin Animal Center