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Austin Animal Center
Austin Animal Center

I spent time walking a couple of dogs before joining playgroup to earn my Blue Dot. Playgroup 8:30- end.
It was a bit hectic that day as some of the pairing of Dogs were not working out, so they had to figure out how they were going to shift things around. I decided not burden with a request for my Blue dot! But I want it!!!!

Gave 4.00 hours on 04/14/2017 with Dog Enrichment, Playgroups

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Austin Animal Center

3/28/17 I was good once I hooked up with the play group bunch. They welcomed my assistance, newbie as I am. I could only stay a couple of hours so I didn't get to interact with the dogs as much as it was "One of those days" I heard Repeatedly, I was promised it wasn't usually so hectic. Nice group and patient with me. It's nice to see them so familar with some dogs and noticing a new dog right away. idk how you do it. Thanks, C

Gave 2.00 hours between 03/27/2017 and 03/29/2017 with Dog Enrichment
Dog Enrichment

Mentored with Donna D. She is wealth of information how to navigate the kennels. Thank you Donna! Carla.

Gave 2.00 hours between 03/21/2017 and 03/26/2017

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Austin Animal Center

Walked Green Dot Dogs prior to training class.

Gave 1.00 hour on 03/08/2017 with Dog Enrichment

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This Impact is private