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ULN '17

Zack gave to ULN '17

I am a Young life leader at Austin Reagan high school and have been since sophomore year. It is a relational ministry for high school students. For club, team meetings, contact work, and anything else it takes up 10+ hours a week but I just put 50.

Gave 55.00 hours between 08/21/2016 and 11/08/2016
ULN '17

Zack gave to ULN '17

My community service has been done through Reagan high school YoungLife. This involves hosting clubs on Mondays to get Reagan kids together at a church in Northeast Austin for a few hours to hang out and have fun. Every Wednesday we have "campaigners" with our kids, which is a more involved bible study. I also will hang out with my guys at some point on the weekend for a few hours. I'm not sure on how many hours I've dedicated to this over the semester but 30 is a pretty low guess. If you have any questions or need verification, please contact our Area Director Chris Fisher at 512-669-1577.

Gave 30.00 hours between 02/01/2016 and 03/23/2016 with University Leadership Network
Spooky Skedaddle: UT Service Scholars Booth
Spooky Skedaddle: UT Service Scholars Booth

Gave 3.00 hours on 10/31/2015 with University Leadership Network, American YouthWorks, ULN '17
The Big Event! (postponed due to rain - see new ANNOUCMENT)
Zero Waste Baseball Series: Saturday, April 11
Turkey Trot 2014

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Be The Change: American Youthworks Campus Clean Up